• Increase sales with emails from any hashtag or competitor followers on Instagram.

  • We help ecommerce and consumer brands grow through a new untapped yet profitable channel.  

  • How It Works


    Tell us your audience

    Specify what type of audience you want us to target. Whether that’s followers of a certain Instagram influencer, people that posted on a given location or hashtag, we can get them all.


    We get their data

    We used advanced crawling techniques and a couple of APIs to get emails, phone numbers, website links and 10 other data points for one given account.


    Target them efficiently

    Email outreach, cold calling, custom audiences, etc.

    The data that we give you can be used in a lot of different ways to help you crush your sales goals and we can also help you setup successful campaigns.

  • The best-in-class Instagram email technolgy for your marketing

    ‍⚖️ GDPR and verified data

    Every email that we provide is GDPR compliant, verified and working with 99.7% accuracy.

    💌 Email remains the best digital channel for ROI

    According to many studies, for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you get about 40$ back.

    🚀 450% better ads with custom audiences

    If you market through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, Google ads or any other tool that allows you to create custom audiences with an email list, that’s exactly what you can do with the data we provide.

    👑 Filtering to narrow down your target audience

    If you need to be really specific about the type of audience you want to reach, we can do that with extreme precision.

    🥇 Targeted data delivered fast

    Our software works extremely fast and can easily match the volume of emails you want to send at any scale.

    🎰 Smart targeting algorithm

    We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to make sure we engage with users who are interested in your field.

    👨🏻‍💻 Dedicated Account Manager

    You get a dedicated support that is available every day and will schedule calls with you when needed.

  • 200+ e-commerce brands ❤️ us

    Check out how companies like yours used our data and achieved success.

    Rise is one of the fastest growing and most innovative sports fitness brands in North America. They had a well established infrastructure for sending mass emails but couldn’t find a service that could provide Instagram emails on a bigger scale. That’s before they had heard about us. Goal and...
    Bright Swimwear is a boutique Swedish swimwear brand dreamt up by Stockholm native Maria Johansson. Maria started Bright Swimwear with a clear vision: to provide high-quality swimwear you feel good about. Swimwear that would be loved for seasons to come. We started our collaboration with Bright...
    EDILcommerce is an online building materials supplier based in Italy. They offer global shipping but most of their customers are local so they wanted to focus only on people from that region. Specifying the target The company had just started doing outbound email marketing and wanted to target...
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  • Still have questions?

    How can your data be GDPR?

    In line with Article 9, if the processing relates to personal data that are manifestly made public by the data subject, no explicit consent or other legal basis as enlisted in the Article 9 (mainly specific laws and regulations or establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims) is required. All of the data we gather is publicly available information made public by the data subject.

    Is it not spamming?

    Promotional emails are considered commercial solicitation. On the federal level, the CAN-SPAM act does not require prior consent for a commercial email, only that it be clearly identified as an advertisement and include an unsubscribe link. Additionally, we are CCPA compliant because we do not process any information that may be implied based on Social Security number, IP addresses or geolocation data. To comply with Facebook and properly use custom audiences. We always add the option for people to opt-out of additional targeting outside of email.

    How deep can you target my niche?

    From "Females that are going to high-end gyms in the US" to "Men who follow women’s underwear pages, have below 10 000 followers and don’t have a business email listed in their profile"

    to "All people that have cross-fit in their bio, links to YouTube, Twitter, Twitch or Facebook and fall within the “fitness trainer” category", we all get you covered.

  • Pricing

    Contact us for a customised quote!


    0.11€ per row

    5 000 to 50 000 rows

    Custom filtering

    Verified data

    GDPR compliant

    24/7 support


    0.08€ per row

    50 000 to 250 000 rows

    Custom filtering

    Verified data

    GDPR compliant

    24/7 support



    0.05€ per row

    +250 000 rows

    Custom filtering

    Verified data

    GDPR compliant

    24/7 support


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