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Increased website sales by x4  

EDILcommerce is an online building materials supplier based in Italy. They offer global shipping but most of their customers are local so they wanted to focus only on people from that region.

Specifying the target

The company had just started doing outbound email marketing and wanted to target the followers of rival companies as well as Italians in general who are interested in building materials. Instagram doesn’t keep data about the location of each user, but we had already developed some strategies to filter our data down to target only people from Italy. We looked for emails based on:

  1. Location – we found all Italian locations that are provided on Instagram and looked for emails there.
  2. Hashtag – we researched and found the most common Italian hashtags and looked for emails there.
  3. Phone number – we filtered the data based on the phone number prefix displayed on each profile (those that had enabled the “show number” button).
  4. Smaller Italian influencers – most of the smaller influencers worldwide have a local following, so we used that for this purpose.
  5. Emails or websites ending in .it – we looked for emails & website links that ended in .it instead of .com

After all the filters listed above were applied, we had to somehow target people who would be interested in building materials so we analyzed and tested results based on keywords, links and hashtags they used. About a week later, we had a list of 600,000 targeted emails and shared it with their marketing team.

The goal and results

EDILcommerce’s goal was to increase website sales which at that moment the numbers stood at 0.0006% per email. We agreed on a 6-month deal of 100,000 emails per month.

The first month we were adding and removing some filters back and forward but still managed to increase the sales from 0.0006% to 0.0008%. We finally found the filters that worked best for their interest and the next 5 months the sales numbers went up to 0.0024% which was x4 times more than what they started with.


Conclusion and feedback

Working with EDILcommerce was a bit of a challenge at first as they had a really narrow target audience which was a bit hard to locate. We are happy for the positive experience we had with their team and the overall results of the campaign. We learned a couple of new ways to target and improved our services during those 6 months.

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