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Over 20,000 new Instagram followers

Rise is one of the fastest growing and most innovative sports fitness brands in North America. They had a well established infrastructure for sending mass emails but couldn’t find a service that could provide Instagram emails on a bigger scale. That’s before they had heard about us.

Goal and Target

Their marketing team knew exactly what they were doing and how to achieve the results they wanted. Most of their revenue was coming from Instagram, so emails from Instagram was their best solution to increase sales and grow the channel in the meantime.

Rise had a huge network of influencers that represented their brand online, so they wanted to reach their audiences via email. We talked about a couple of adjustment to filter the data and started providing them emails from the followers of their influencers.

Start and Results

After only a week, we were able to obtain over 750,000 emails. They started sending batches of emails to promote their Instagram profile and saw amazing results. With every batch of 50,000 emails they sent, they received about 750-1300 new Instagram followers and analog to that made an increased number of website sales (they were directing people from Instagram to their latest website promotions).

With the emails we provided they were able to grow their profile by over 20,000 real followers and increase their monthly revenue by 15%. With the campaign being a success, we agreed on providing half a million emails to them on a monthly basis.

Working with Rise was an interesting endeavour because they used Instagram emails to direct traffic from the platform to their brand’s profile and make the sale from there. Very cool approach, bravo to the marketing team!

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